Moon Surgical

`Moon Surgical` has partnered with us to develop machine learning for computer-assisted surgery. More information on our [press release](


`COSMONiO` is the industrial sponsor of [Theo Barfoot's]('s [PhD]( on Active and continual learning strategies for deep learning assisted interactive segmentation of new databases.


`icometrix` is the consortium lead of the [ico**vid**]( project.

Mauna Kea Technologies

[Tom Vercauteren](/author/tom-vercauteren) worked for 10 years with `Mauna Kea Technologies` (MKT) before resuming his academic career.


`Medtronic` is the industrial sponsor of [Tom Vercauteren](/author/tom-vercauteren)'s Medtronic / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Machine Learning for Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery.