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Reuben is a PhD student supervised by Prof. Tom Vercauteren and Prof. Sebastien Ourselin. Reuben’s research focuses on collaborative learning of joint brain segmentation tasks from various medical centres with different local resources. Specifically, his project aims to develop a brain parcellation tool that is robust to different image acquisition protocols and adapted in the presence of pathologies such as brain tumours. His research lies at the intersection of multiple branches of Machine Learning: Multi-Task Learning, Hetero-Modal Learning (dealing with missing imaging modalities), Domain Adaptation and Weakly Supervised Learning.

Before starting his PhD in 2018, Reuben completed a BSc degree and a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics at CentraleSupelec and a MSc degree in Computer Science at Ecole Normale Superieure Paris Saclay.

  • Medical Image Segmentation
  • Domain Adaptation
  • Deep Generative Models
  • Federated Learning