Hypervision Surgical Ltd
Following successful in-patient clinical studies of CAI4CAI’s translational research on computational hyperspectral imaging system for intraoperative surgical guidance, Hypervision Surgical Ltd was founded by Michael Ebner, Tom Vercauteren, Jonathan Shapey, and S√©bastien Ourselin.

In collaboration with CAI4CAI, Hypervision Surgical’s goal is to convert the AI-powered imaging prototype system into a commercial medical device to equip clinicians with advanced computer-assisted tissue analysis for improved surgical precision and patient safety.
Intel (previously COSMONiO)
Intel is the industrial sponsor of Theo Barfoot’s’s PhD on Active and continual learning strategies for deep learning assisted interactive segmentation of new databases.
Mauna Kea Technologies
Tom Vercauteren worked for 10 years with Mauna Kea Technologies (MKT) before resuming his academic career.
Medtronic is the industrial sponsor of Tom Vercauteren’s Medtronic / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Machine Learning for Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery.